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Welcome to the wonderful world of Blue Sauces!

At BLUE we believe that good food means tasty, nutritious products that can be made from produce grown in harmony with nature, not in spite of it. We are a small family fruit farm on the Shropshire-Welsh border where blueberries, apples and other fruit flourish. We produce all of our syrups, sauces, dressings and drinks mixers here on the farm in a purpose built kitchen nestled amongst the fields where the blueberries are grown.

The flavours behind our products have been inspired by my time spent growing up in south-east Asia; the delicate fusion of oriental spices and European herbs creates delightful combinations that are guaranteed to excite everyone’s taste buds!  Our products are made using traditional techniques and do not contain artificial flavourings or preservatives, just lots of natural goodness. The ethos behind our products is versatility, whilst each product was originally designed with a specific purpose in mind they can all be used in a multitude of different ways.

We use ecologically sustainable farming methods and do not use insecticides, in fact insects are actively encouraged with the seeding of clover and wild flowers between the rows of blueberry plants.  All our fruit is hand-picked and chilled immediately to ensure that the full flavour of the berries comes though into all of our products.  We are very proud that we can distribute work back into the community and employ university students to help in the fields, picking, weeding and planting.

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